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You may remember the days when you could go to the local Sunday paper classifieds, find the aviation heading and see what’s for sale, club memberships available, flight training classes etc.? Hopefully I can re-create that “local” feel with an online version for the GA Flying Community and expand in the future. There are Aviation Forums for discussion, “FREE” Classifieds & Business Listings, Links I have found useful and helpful aviation information for the student and current pilot alike.

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Current Radar & Surface Analysis
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Prog Forecast Charts & Satellite (Click for Image..)

Current Sfc12 Hour24 Hour36 Hour48 Hour – Current Geos Satellite

Upper Winds Forecast Maps (Issued every 6 hrs beginning 00 zulu)

Initial Sfc6 Hour12 Hour18 Hour24 Hour36 Hour48 Hour
Initial  3k 6 Hour12 Hour18 Hour24 Hour36 Hour48 Hour
Initial  6k 6 Hour12 Hour18 Hour24 Hour36 Hour48 Hour
Initial  9k 6 Hour12 Hour18 Hour24 Hour36 Hour48 Hour
Initial 12k6 Hour12 Hour18 Hour24 Hour36 Hour48 Hour

Current Surface Analysis (Click Region for Image..)



Martin Jetpack Developed In New Zealand Gets Go-Ahead For Test Flights__
The new prototype can climb above a kilometre, and reaches speeds of 46 mph. “Mixture of scary and just awesome but when you’re actually in it it’s all behind you and you just get lifted off the ground,” said test pilot James Bowker when asked to describe the feeling of flying. Bowker said he is seldom believed when he tells people he is a jetpack test pilot. “Umm, normally along the lines of bull (bleep) haha,” Bowker said.
The company aims to sell a jetpack to first responders and specialist commercial users in defence and civil defence while it continues to develop a lighter recreational version. “We have over 10,000 people who have actually enquired as to where they might be able to purchase these in the future,” said Martin Aircraft Company CEO Peter Coker.
For the inventor, Glenn Martin, it has been a 30-year labour of love to perfect his concept. “This is prototype 9… With a price tag of around $150,000, the company says they expect to have their first commercial jetpack on the market for sale next year.


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iPad Mini Killer for Less Than Half the Price? . . .Read more from Flying

Video: iPad Mini — AVweb’s Flight TrialNexus7

The iPad, and tablets in general, have gained wide acceptance among pilots. But if you find the iPad a tad too large for the cockpit, the new iPad Mini. . .Read More / Video
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BTW: Have you seen the Chicken Plane?!?!

Battling Nerves on Dec 26, 2011, test pilot Daniel Beltrame left the runway for the first time in the Rooster to go and roam along the Piave River in Veneto, Italy. (click image for video)

How about the Bathtub Plane?!?!

It’s a precise replica of a vintage airplane, a 1924 super-light “Dormoy Bathtub.” Almost six decades ago, Boeing retiree Kusmirek, 84, hatched the dream of recreating this particular piece of aviation history — and flying it. (click image for article)